Replacing calipers

Stop in for Complete Brake Services in Grande Prairie

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If you feel your brakes grab, your brake pedal feels mushy, or you hear grinding noises from a wheel, you most likely have a brake problem you can’t ignore. Before you risk your own and your passengers’ safety, stop at City Centre Automotive for a full brake inspection and repair services that include:

✔  Brake hydraulic systems & fluids

✔  Brake pads & shoes

✔  Rotors & drums

✔  Brake boosters

✔  Front brake linings & calipers

✔  Rear brake linings & wheel cylinders


Free Brake Inspections

Don’t wait for a brake problem. Be safe and come in for a free brake inspection at City Centre Automotive. Also have your brakes checked as part of our regular 30-point inspection.

Idiot light on - don't ignore it; get a quick diagnosis - check it out