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Tire technicians

Grande Prairie’s TreadPro Centre for Tire Sales, Inspections & Repairs



NAPA Autopro

Old car or new model, regular or high-end tires, you want to be equally safe on dry, rainy, snowy and icy roads. City Centre Automotive meets your budget and safety needs with our tire inspections, sales and repairs. Supplied by TreadPro, with 5 warehouses in Western Canada, we supply all sizes of tires that fit not only your vehicle’s make and model but also your driving needs.


Ask us about the highly respected brands we carry, including but not

limited to:



Summit Tires



Tire Inspections, Services & Repairs

As a Grande Prairie full-service TreadPro tire centre, we give you complete, reliable services to keep you securely on the road. Besides checking your tires’ air pressure, our tire services for cars, trucks, motorhomes and more include:


✔  Inspections for tire condition & tread wear

✔  Inspection of valve stems & pressure sensors

✔  Tire rotations

✔  Tire repairs

Make sure your brakes work before it's too late - get an inspection
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